Frontera Search Partners

  Frontera Search Partners provides a fresh and unique service to hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities that are looking to recruit providers, but lack the time and resources to quickly and efficiently complete the project. We are committed to finding you the Right Candidate at the Right Time by utilizing our proven process...
  During the assessment call, we ask questions much like physicians do with their patients. Can you tell me about it? How long has it lasted? What have you done to fix it? How is this effecting you and what happens if it continues? We dive deep to understand your core values, mission and vision gaining important perspective on what the "right fit" candidate looks like.
  Natoinal Sourcing Strategy
  Saving you time and resources, our team screens candidates gathering information well beyond what is displayed on their resume/CV. We take time to connect and establish a relationship with each candidate, learning about their motivations such as work/life balance, geographical setting desires and financial goals.
  Screening and Qualification
  We work collaboratively, without pressure, delivering upon your goals and providing a positive outcome with urgency, accuracy and integrity.
  Candidate Presentation
  We are now ready to present you a professional and personal profile on a candidate that is qualified and meets your need. This detailed information will allow you to consider moving forward to the interview process.
  Interview Facilitation

We will assist in coordinating and scheduling each candidate throughout your established process. We recommend conducting phone or Skype interviews prior to an on-site visit.


When you decide to move forward with an offer, we will help with any final negotiations, references and background checks. We will also conduct post-placement interviews with both you and the candidate to ensure continuous improvement and retention.

  There are hundreds of firms that can help you with your search today, however, if you are looking for one who is committed to finding you the Right Place at the Right Time, look no further. By working with a Frontera Search Partner you will experience an unparalleled level of service that embraces…
  If you are a healthcare provider seeking the ideal career opportunity, our team will take your commitment personally.
  The decision to work with us is based on a personal connection we make and a sense of passion we bring to our work.
  We work collaboratively, without pressure, delivering upon your goals and providing a positive outcome with urgency, accuracy and integrity.
  Our consultative approach to recruitment offers you current trends on compensation and incentives as well as a national network of healthcare systems, hospitals and clinics that are seeking talented healthcare providers.

From the initial introduction of the opportunity to our post placement services, our comprehensive process assists you well before, throughout and after the search process.


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